Ruth Porat

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Ruth Porat sinh năm 1957, was born to a Jewish family in Sale, Cheshire, England, the daughter of Dr. Dan and Frieda Porat. She moved at a young age to Cambridge, Massachusetts, where her father was a research fellow in the physics department at Harvard University. Her father later relocated the family to Palo Alto, Californiathree years later where he worked at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory for 26 years. Porat has a bachelor of arts degree in Economics & International Relations from Stanford University, and holds a master of science degree in industrial relations from London School of Economics and an MBA with distinction from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Hoạt động và sự nghiệp

  • CFO of Google parent company Alphabet since 2015, Porat has cut spending on “moonshot” divisions that only account for .9% of company revenue.
  • Some “bets” are still on, including robotic, human-free vehicles. She recently announced that its driving cars are moving towards commercialization.
  • The CFO has also reported a recent boost in acquisitions focused on mobile search and mobile programmatic advertising.
  • Porat was one of few top female executives who participated in the Google Walkout for Real Change and fielded questions from employees.
  • In the face of scrutiny for its handling of data, Google shut down its Google+ social network after learning it exposed user information.

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