Bonnie Hammer

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Bonnie Hammer was born to a Jewish family in 1950, Hammer was raised in Queens, New York, the youngest of three children. Hammer’s mother was a full-time mom; her dad, a Russian immigrant, started his own pen company. Intending to become a photojournalist, Hammer enrolled at Boston University College of Communication, earning a bachelor’s degree in communications in 1971 and later a master’s degree in Media Technology from the Boston University School of Educationin 1975.

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  • Chairman since 2013, her portfolio of seven networks and two studios contribute more to NBC’s overall profits than any other division.
  • Most of the programming is created by the studios, meaning they own hits like Mr. Robot and Suits and thus profit from deals with Netflix and Amazon.
  • The success of her networks has contributed to a 6% revenue increase for parent company Comcast, despite a downturn in cable TV subscriptions.
  • Hammer has also negotiated important deals including a contract with World Wide Wrestling’s Raw series on USA network through 2024.
  • She relaunched her Erase the Hate social campaign on the one-year anniversary of the Charlottesville march to mitigate hate and intolerance.

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