Denise Coates

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Denise Coates CBE (born 26 September 1967) is a British billionaire businesswoman, the founder and joint chief executive of online gambling company Bet365.

Denise Coates is the eldest daughter of Peter Coates, chairman of Stoke City F.C. and a director of Bet365, and is married to Richard Smith, a director at Stoke City Football Club. She earned a first class degree in econometrics from the University of Sheffield.

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  • Coates is the co-CEO of Bet365, one of the world’s largest online gambling companies, along with her billionaire brother, John.
  • Coates first trained as an accountant before taking over a number of her family’s betting shops and then selling them to bookmaker Coral.
  • Noting the success of online gambling businesses, Coates bought the domain in 2000 and launched the website in 2001.
  • She owns around half of privately held Bet365, which had $3.2 billion in revenue and facilitated $65 billion in bets in the year through March 2017.
  • She controversially paid herself $279 million in 2017, making her the highest-paid British CEO and the best-paid female chief executive in the world.

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