Federica Mogherini

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Federica Maria Mogherini (Italian: [fedeˈriːka moɡeˈriːni]) born 16 June 1973.

Federica Mogherini was born on 16 June 1973 in Rome, Italy, to the family of the film director and set designer Flavio Mogherini (1922–1994).

Mogherini attended the Sapienza University of Rome where she studied Political Science graduating with a specialization in Political Philosophy with a final dissertation on Islam and politics, which she wrote while she was on the Erasmus programme at Aix-en-Provence, France.

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  • Mogherini is the EU’s foreign policy chief, working on behalf of the 500 million citizens of the European Union.
  • The former Italian minister of foreign affairs is considered to be one of the European Union’s most prominent diplomats.
  • She was instrumental in the 2015 Iran nuclear deal that stopped Iran on its path to acquiring a nuclear weapon.
  • Her goal now is to move the European Union into a more meaningful, global leadership role.
  • She’s warned that the world is moving away from cooperation toward power games and called for a new model of collaboration between the EU and Africa.

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