Katharine Viner

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Katharine Sophie Viner born 4 January 1971.

Raised in Yorkshire, Viner is the daughter of teachers. Her grandfather, Vic Viner, was an able seaman involved in the Dunkirk evacuation. Viner was educated at Ripon Grammar School, where she was head girl.] As a teenager, she joined Youth CND and the Anti-Apartheid Movement, although the nearest groups were 25 miles away, and read Spare Rib. Her first newspaper article, published in The Guardian in 1987 while she was still at school, was on the ending of the GCE O levelexaminations, which were being replaced in the UK by the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE). “Cramming five years of knowledge into two and a half hours does not seem to be a fair system”, she wrote. Around 1988, Viner had a period of work experience at the Ripon Gazette, her local newspaper.

After A levels Viner read English at Pembroke College, Oxford. Just before her finals, Viner won a competition organised by The Guardian‘s women’s page and was advised by Louise Chunn, then Guardian women’s editor, to pursue a career in journalism. “I honestly thought journalism wasn’t for me, I thought it was for men in suits in London”, she remembered in 2005. During her 20s, Viner spent most of her holidays in the Middle East, a region in which she has a particular interest, spending time in Lebanon, Syria, Israel, the West Bank and other locations.

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  • Katharine Viner is the first female editor-in-chief in the nearly-200-year history of the Guardian.
  • She took the helm in June 2015. At the time, the news organization was combatting rapidly declining print advertising and disappointing ad revenue.
  • Rather than adopt a paywall, the Guardian began asking readers for contributions in 2014, either as one-offs or through a membership program.
  • As of November 2018, the Guardian has 1 million supporters. The company’s income from membership and readers matches that of advertising.
  • The online audience reached 157 million unique visitors in 2018, up from 120 million in March 2016 when it reached record traffic.

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