Güler Sabanci

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Güler Sabancı was born 1955.

Güler was born the daughter and first child of İhsan Sabancı and his wife Yüksel in 1955 in Adana, Turkey. After finishing high school at TED Ankara College in Ankara, she was educated in business administration at Boğaziçi University in Istanbul. In 1978. She started her professional career at LasSA, a family-owned tire production company in Kocaeli Province. She was then appointed general manager of KordSA, a position she held for 14 years. Later, Güler Sabancı became a member of the board of directors at Sabancı Holding, heading the tires and reinforcement materials group, as well as having responsibility for human resources.

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  • Güler Sabanci is the first woman to run Sabanci Holding, her family business, which was started by her grandfather in the 1930s.
  • Originally a textile company, Sabanci has since expanded to become the second-largest conglomerate in Turkey.
  • Her company’s holdings include banking, energy, retail and insurance.
  • She is also the founding president of Sabanci University and the chair of the Sabanci Foundation, Turkey’s largest private charity.
  • Despite the July 2016 coup attempt, the company helped construct a new coal-fired power plant, the largest in Turkey.

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