Lynn Good

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Good grew up in Fairfield, Ohio. Her father was a math teacher and later became a high school principal. She earned degrees in accounting and systems analysis from Miami University of Ohio.

Good became an auditor at the Cincinnati branch of Arthur Andersen & Co. while at Andersen Good “broke the barrier to females playing major roles in auditing when she participated in the audit of Andersen’s most prestigious account, Cincinnati Gas & Electric. Good rose to supervise that audit, and in 1992 she became one of Andersen’s few women partners. She was also a partner for a time at Deloitte.

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  • Under Good’s leadership, Duke Energy has made substantial investments in solar energy, modernizing the power grid and natural gas infrastructure.
  • Her strategy includes a proposed $16 billion worth of grid updates in the Carolinas and a joint venture to create the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.
  • 2018’s severe hurricanes caused more than $900 million in damage to Duke Energy’s infrastructure in Florida and the Carolinas.
  • Despite this, her compensation increased by 55% from last year due to increases in stock value, bringing her total salary up to $21.4 million.

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