Mary Callahan Erdoes

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Mary Callahan Erdoes was born August 13, 1967.

Mary Callahan was born on 13 August 1967 to Patricia and Patrick Callahan, Jr.. Patrick Callahan was a former partner at investment banking firm Lazard Freres. Callahan Erdoes was raised in Winnetka, Illinois, an affluent North Shoresuburb of Chicago. She was raised in a Roman Catholic family of Irish descent. Callahan Erdoes is an alumna of the all-girls Roman Catholic Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart in Lake Forest, Illinois. Erdoes completed her bachelor’s degree at Georgetown University, majoring in Mathematics. She was the only woman to complete a mathematics major at Georgetown at that time. She earned her MBA at Harvard Business School.

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  • Mary Callahan Erdoes remains a steady rainmaker for JPMorgan Chase.
  • As head of Asset & Wealth Management, she grew assets under management to $2.1 trillion as of June 2018, an increase of 8.1% vs the year prior.
  • Last fall Erdoes branched out to China when the bank received the first license ever to operate a wholly-owned asset-management business in Shanghai.
  • She continues to shape company culture with programs like ASCEND, a sponsorship program to retain and promote female and ethnic diversity.
  • The real question is: Will she be rewarded with the top job when CEO Jamie Dimon retires? Both Erdoes and Marianne Lake are on the short list.

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