Tricia Griffith

Tiểu sử

Tricia Griffith was born October 1964.

Griffith attended Illinois State University for her undergraduate degree, and then took part in the advanced management program at University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business.

Hoạt động và sự nghiệp

  • Griffith began her time at Progressive 30 years ago as a claims representative and now serves as the company’s CEO.
  • In the two years that she’s held this position, profits have risen by 54% and stock prices have increased more than 48% in the last year alone.
  • By implementing a plan to sell bundles of auto plus home insurance, Griffith helped the company gain significant market share.
  • Progressive has now surpassed Allstate to become the third-largest car insurer in 2017.
  • Griffith joined the FedEx board in March of 2018, making her the 4th female member.
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